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PSA: Anti-Cispa Petition

Okay guys, I know that you guys are signing the Cispa petition and are thinking it will stop it.  It doesn’t.  What it does is bring the problem to the attention to those working in our Whitehouse.  I AM NOT SAYING THAT IT DOES NOT HELP.  Actually it does help.  The more people against it, the more uproar, the more the politicians are likely to do something about CISPA.

What is need on petitions is called ”wet signatures.”  What it is is that you need to be a registered voter, signed in pen.  But this is only to put a DIRECT stop to it.  The only way to get one of these it to create and fund an initiative.  But you must go through your local politicians to do that and have the support. (Hence the signatures on the online petition actually helping)

Another route that can me used is write to your local politicians on the matter.  Get your parents to do it, get your friends to do it, get your professors and teachers to do it.  Let everyone know about what CISPA is and the harm it does.  Write to your congressman and write to the Whitehouse.  The information is on the state websites.  GO TO YOUR STATE WEBSITE!!

Create an uproar, bring it up in conversation.  The bigger the boom over this, the more the government will have to put a stop to it.  And the businesses cannot ignore it either.  Write to them if need be.  Arm yourself with knowledge and arm others.

Must read!:

Here is an easy post that will give you the knowledge about Cispa.

Also, in my experience as a petitioner and a petition circulator and my knowledge of the US Constitution  CISPA violates more than one amendment   The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th.  It violates the presumption of innocence!  CISPA VIOLATES OUT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND GOES ALONG THE SAME PREMISES OF MARTIAL LAW!!

Full Cispa Law:


The Online Petition:

White House Petition.

List of Businesses that Support Cispa:

Here is a list of business that support Cispa.  Voice your disdain. (Pick a random business off the list and write to them.  Write to as many as possible.)